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In this world of commercialization schools don’t often usually dedicate time for kids physical activities because of their overscheduled classes or overwhelming syllabi. Also most schools dedicate their annual budgets for more classes instead to children’s physical activities. Kids tend to get bored when their respective school doesn’t show interest to go over beyond their subject interests. But the ideal nourishment of a child’s brain lies not only in subject interest but the real growth happens when children are active physically which internally enhances their mental growth. Pampered kidz offers kids classes that are filled with amazing opportunities that open-up a broad spectrum of growth possibilities ranging from kids activities to art classes featuring Gymnastics, Music, Learning with fun and Laughter.

Try out our kids classes designed to facilitate skills development with maximum fun which include:

Kids Activity & Development Classes

We provide kids activity classes to all ages. Our classes mainly focus on developing their creativity, imaginary and problem solving skills. Also we do teach the basics of science & How stuff works in the most fun and practical ways, Also we enlighten them about our planet system and space discoveries with a special emphasis on group communication.

Gymnastics Classes

We introduce to a wide range of physical skills, Viz., Karate, taekwondo, swimming, Horse-riding and cardio activities to achieve concentration and utmost attention in their regular activities.

Dance Classes

This dance adventure suits to both beginners and experienced dancers. We will introduce your child to hip-hop, R&B, and world music through games and small-step choreography that build balance, strength, and endurance.

Music classes

A fun and enjoyable Play time for your kids with music wind ups like violin, piano, guitar and with the voices.

Art and Craft classes

Each week children learn something new about art concept; arts based on the theme like seasonal crafts and can paint their own art which is an excellent opportunity to work with the mind artistically.

Language Classes

Often it’s said to nurture children at a blooming age as that is the said to be the best time to teach them a array of things as they can quickly grasp things quick & easy ,and teaching them different languages would be a great aspect for their future career and growth. Our world-class faculty that is fluent in many world-wide language provide Spanish classes and French classes.

With plenty of options on kids classes’ pampered kidz encourage children by offering free trials so that you can try out an activity based on your kids interest before you commit. let’s sign up for some kids classes at (+91)-7731040404