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Birthday catering

Pampered Kidz friendly birthday party catering in Hyderabad

Let Pampered Kidz birthday party menu’s rock the party for you.

Toys, games, interactions can hold kids together only until they aren’t hungry. Once their hunger-pangs starts ringing and surprisingly Only the best of the plates can stop them. So without any doubt in mind, one can often say that food has to be the superstar at kid’s birthday parties. You can be at ease as your favorite birthday party planner Pampered Kidz also is now offering birthday party catering in Hyderabad. Choose from the lip-smacking, mouth-watering items hand-picked from various cuisines that are classified into different menu’s to suit your party needs. We also have seasonal kids birthday party menus. So let’s get you seated at your scrumptious and yet a fun sit-down with your kids.

Not only have we creatively named our dishes but make them immensely edible and also make exotic centerpieces of their favorite characters for their special themed birthday viz., in cakes and pizza or muffins. Below few are such party friendly food ideas that are currently in grabs for your kids birthday party catering:

  • Mini pizzas on English muffins
  • Self Decorative cupcakes
  • Cool toppings alongside sundae bar
  • Character Cakes

Pampered Kidz Birthday party menus provide a wide variety of dishes from Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and continental fusion. Our chefs will be happy to work with you to design and customize menus based on your particular interests, dietary, or religious needs.

Few menu items include:

  • Salad sandwiches
  • Fruits on skewers
  • Salads and Dressings
  • Muffins
  • Chicken pizza
  • Cheese baked pasta
  • Tacos
  • Party desserts from cookies to cakes
  • Drinks like fruit punch & soft drinks

Our kids birthday party catering services is specialized in design and execution of ideas within your budget to provide delicious, high-quality food that will easy-to-digest by not only by your palate but also by your wallet as well.

Birthday Party Catering Hyderabad

Birthday party catering is a different art compared to regular catering services. Pampered Kidz offers birthday party catering services in Hyderabad.
Pampered Kidz Birthday party menus provide a wide variety of options from Indian, Chinese to continental and fusion.
Pampered Kidz has catering experience of more than 150 birthday parties and can understand your birthday party catering needs perfectly
For delicious birthday menus contact 9848855222 or 7731040404