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Birthday Party Decorations

Pampered Kidz is the Home for Themed Birthday Party Decorations in Hyderabad

Party gets easier with Pampered kidz birthday party decorators in hyderabad

Kids are often considered the apple of our eyes; hence they deserve to be pampered. If you agree so, you are at the right place. Pampered Kidz is your assistant to personalize your loved one’s party and make it memorable and unique. We specialize not only in birthday party decorations in Hyderabad but prefer to go an extra-mile when it comes to fun from the-hill hanging cutout decorations to a fantastic themed birthday party with a creative twist designed centering on the age and interests of your child.

Pampered Kidz is the right selection of birthday party decorations for kids with myriad themes ranging from Elsa, Anna of frozen gang or the dream-girl cindrella to the many-a-face princess we got for your little girl surprised for her best birthday. Not only the girls, your boys can have all the fun with their favorite characters like Iron-man to spider-man the cutest sponge-bob to the adventurous Cars of Disney coming alive to their birthday bash, they indeed can say why gals should have all the fun.

So pick-up your phone, call us or contact us for the best day in your kid’s life. For sure, we will make it a once in a life-time memorable event for all of your family and friends at a time. We also do have custom packages and deals that suit your needs the best. Our birthday party decorators are trained to bring-it-to-life real 2D or 3D toy story characters and can hang on a wall or stand up to handle all that’s in your kid’s wish list to amplify the birthday party decoration.

Birthday Party Decorations in Hyderabad, be it indoor or outdoor is the forte of pampered kidz. Pampered Kidz has given regular and theme based birthday party decorations for more than 200 birthdays till date. Pampered Kidz offers 2D,3D decorations and themes such as Madagascar, cars, Disney, chariot, under the sea and many more. We also do custom themes based on the birthday kid’s favorite characters such as such as Batman, Superman, transformers, power rangers, Cinderella and many more children wait for one whole year for their birthday party and the birthday party decoration that we do will enhance their overall birthday party experience.


Pampered Kidz has an experience of organizing more than 200 birthday parties till date. An average of 30 birthday parties per month. Pampered Kidz offers a variety of wonderful party packages. Here are just some of the various birthday party decoration packages being offered.

Birthday Party Decoration Package 1

Includes Baloon decoration with back ground arch and entrance arch with theme based cutouts 300 sft area.

Birthday Party Decoration Package 2

Includes Baloon decoration with background arch,entrance arch, baloon pillars and theme based cutouts 300 sft area Printable party invitation

Birthday Party Decoration Package 3

Includes Baloon decoration with background arch,entrance arch, baloon pillars and theme based cutouts
Printable party invitation