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Regular Events

Pampered kidz: Your fun at our door-step with regular events

Pampered kidz events are specifically designed for kids, especially to create a welcoming environment with fun filled attractions and activities. Each of our event activities are held once a week but will lasts for longer in your memories. It is now easy for the parents to pamper their kids with their favorite shows which alarms their mood and rejuvenates them from their regular track sheet.

Puppet theatre:

Our artists are ready to entertain your kids in our puppet theatre with fairy tales scripts, comedy puppets, animal puppets, Spiderman scripts and lot more to bring all the imaginative bed time stories onto on our puppet stage. Puppet stories are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s and weekends.

Simon Story Time:

Our artists create waves of humor among audience with pranks and jokes, no need to say that best one’s get rewarded. Please Check out for current schedule at (+91) 7732040404.

Magic show:

A fun favored and exciting thrill show for both kids and parents. Our magician displays new ways to achieve attention from you on every visit. Magic shows plays on Tuesday and Thursday.

Kids story time:

Reserve your kid the perfect story time where our team will engage your kids with amazing toy stories in which your kids be able to play the character which is a way to enhance the smartness in kids.

Kids play area:

We come up with diverse line up of kids activities in our play zone with indoor and outdoor activities. For the information on kids activities and time of sessions go through our page Kids play area

We assure you can experience real fun with our regular events where you get relief from routine schedules. Once you visit, we sure you would love to share your time with us for additional times as your boredom timeframe overwhelmed with pampered Kidz at comfort budget. So stay connected with pampered Kidz at (+91) 7731040404 for more current scheduled events.