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Kids Activities

Here are PamperedKidz Exciting Classes and Activities for Kids in Hyderabad:

My Art Class

 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

Our Art Classes in Hyderabad will have your gallery ready for visitors! Children explore art processes including painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, and crafts. Open-ended Summer activities allow for Kids to reveal their emerging creativity through a new masterpiece each week. (45 minutes)


Reduce Recycle Art class

 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for beautiful art and a beautiful world! This class makes good use of things you might otherwise just toss away, giving them new life as treasures and tools in the creative process. We’ll “go green” in the most colorful way! (45 minutes)



 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

Tiny dancers come , play and dance. expanding the love of dance through new ways of moving in space. This dance adventure will introduce your child to hip-hop, R&B, and world music through games and small-step choreography that build balance, strength, and endurance.



 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

Each week, our live 4-piece children’s band takes you and your child on a journey through tempo, rhythm, word recognition, and sound identification, exploring different instruments and musical genres and meeting special puppet friends along the way.


Flower Arangement

 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

“Each flower is a soul blossoming in Nature” 

At Pampered Kidz children can learn the art of organizing and grouping together plant materials to achieve harmony of form, color, and texture. Pampered kidz shows us a sweet and fun way to display carnation flowers.



 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

“Drama is the portrayal of life seen from the actor’s view” 

In early childhood, Children need a safe, interesting environment and freedom to experiment with roles, conflict, and problem solving. When provided with such an environment, children become interested in and will attend to the task at hand and develop their concentration . Opportunities for dramatic play that are spontaneous, child-initiated, and open-ended are important for all young children. Because individual expression is key, Pampered Kidz has a dramarics class for children of all physical and cognitive abilities enjoy and learn from dramatic play and creative dramatics.



Children can learn gymanastics at pampered kidz


Story Telling

 Ages: 18-24 months to 15 years

“Story telling for Children” 

Story telling is an art that has creative, social and educational benefits on children.It helps children in improving child’s overall development, communication,Language,creative writing, reading,concentration, imaginative and emotional development. People of all ages love listening to stories. Children are great fans of stories and love listening to.At Pampered Kidz children can enjoy wonderful story telling sessions that improve listening, creative skills in children. Pampered kidz has wonderful story telling sessions happening every month.Call us to get more details


Sand Art

The art of creating a work in direct contact with sand enthralls a child. Learn sand art painting at Pampered Kidz.


Fruit or vegetable carving:

“Each flower is a soul blossoming in Nature” 

Carved fruit is an effective method for adding visual appeal to the presentation of fruit platters, salads, desserts, cocktails and entrees. Chefs employ various techniques to carve fruit and use tools designed specifically for creating garnishes. Fruit carving tools are available at most kitchen and fine cutlery retailers.

At pampered Kidz children learn the techniques of fruit or vegetable carving.


Aero Modelling:

“Science and Engineering flying high”

Aeromodelling is the activity involving design, development and flying of small air vehicles. It is a very exciting and interesting way to learn, understand and apply science and engineering principles.The activity involves small sized flying objects like Radio Controlled Aircraft (RC Aircraft), Gliders, Ornithopters, Boomerangs and Paper Planes.

At pampered Kidz children learn the techniques of aero modelling.



Foreign Language classes:

“Science and Engineering flying high”

Learning other languages of the world helps your child grow cognitively and developmentally.The children at pampered kidz can learn about the richness of other languages and cultures.Oour interactive classes are a great place for children to make new friends as well.

At pampered Kidz children learn various languages.At present we are offering french classes.


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Laugh to live longer with pampered kidz fun activities for kids

Kids often get over-burdened by the weight of their books, and somewhere in that weight they tend to lose their mental weight. Any parent wouldn’t want to let that happen. pampered kidz , hence came-up with creative but yet fun activities for kids where the kids get to rejuvenate and gain their mental weight to balance out the weight of the books. We offer a diverse line up of kids learning activities facilitated for seasonal and or summer sessions. This could be an excellent opportunity for your kids where they get excited with all the kids activities.

Kids learning activities can be classified into the following groups:

Kids art classes : For Ages 2 to 15 Years

Activities for the above age groups at pampered kidz include painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, crafts, create fun accessories. These activities for sure will encourage the little one’s creativity to explore on a wide range of art concepts.

    • Get painted your first color by Marble art
    • Tissue paper flowers and heart shapes to brighten your interiors
    • Organizing and grouping together plant materials to achieve formation of carnation flowers
    • Easy way forming statue with creative sculptor in your kid
    • Reuse recycle products like

1) constructing a cardboard castle
2) Teaching to make rings ready to toss, a fun favorite at carnival country fair

  • Collage art and practicing background drawing and paintings
  • Story writing & storytelling to enhance Childs imagination
  • Knowledge on science fundamentals and planet system

Music classes: For Ages 2 to 15 Years

Music is an intriguing art for any age. A Small engaging musical activity everyday can do a whole good for kids to improve their concentration & coordination. With us they can learn music notes and practice on real instruments like piano, guitar, and drums. We also got some MusiCOOL games like musical chairs, music notes quiz.

Dance classes: For Ages 2 to 15 Years

Being a parent, you would love to cheer up to your kid when the little legs start beating to rhythm. with initial warming up to teaching simple steps to learning dance styles like Ballet, rock n roll, and street dancing we will be with your kid.

Outdoor kids activities:

Outdoor activities are definitely some fun activities for kids and they in turn help to keep them fit. Some of our fun-filled outdoor activities include.

  • Hopping
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Treasure hunt, a way to make friends
  • Karate
  • Introducing to various kids fun activities


We adapt each level in a sequential manner with great comfort and fun to kids in learning these activities and we do constant monitoring of the child’s learning ability and their physical progress.

  • Fun movements
  • Jumping obstacles
  • Series of Jumping hurdles
  • Zumba fitness
  • Martial arts

Language Classes

Teaching them different languages would be a great aspect for their future career and growth. Our world-class faculty that is fluent in many world-wide language provide Spanish classes and French classes.

With us we assure the perfect growth in your kids attitude. Also we take a leap to strengthen them both physically and mentally. We also develop their inter-personal skills. Contact us for your kids fun activities or even for free trials of our kids learning activities at (+91)-7731040404.